We help charities 10x their video content creation and brand exposure without the hassle

We offer to:

Help you execute a media strategy that will 10x your content creation without feeling overwhelmed


Give your charity 100x the brand exposure


Create a stream of dynamic content to help your brand stand out online


All charities need help with the following:

Raising Funds


Attracting more volunteers

in more donations

Generating a buzz around fundraising events

Bring in bigger sponsors 

Telling their story in an impactful way

How we can help?

We work with you on a rolling contract to produce a bank of highly engaging branded content 

Each month we plan out what video content and imagery is needed to push the needs of the charity forward

That could be dynamic external content like:

  • Case study videos
  • Brand films
  • Event coverage
  • Social posts 
  • Paid ads
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Photoshoots
  • Headshots

Or content to support internal comms like:

  • Flyers
  • PDFs
  • Strategy documents
  • Presentations and power points
  • End of year reports
  • Social templates
  • Internal video messages 
  • Tutorials and safety videos

Each month you will have the right content to make an impact and drive your target audience to action

You will also have access to our 4 studios in South East London

And our marketing expertise ensures the content produced is working hard to add value to your charity

#Step 1:

Download our price list and see if it fits your budget

#Step 2:

Jump on a quick, no-obligation, Zoom call to ask as many questions as you need 


Or email us at: info@table8media.com