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Facebook Ad Images That Convert in under 4 minutes

Getting straight to the point, here are a few tips that will take you less than four minutes to read but will increase conversions when running your next Facebook ad.
1. Include a Clear CTA
Images with a clear Call To Action are performing more than 295% better than facebook ad images without clear CTA.

Try to minimise text to 20% of the overall ad image size for better reach, as text-heavy Facebook ads do not perform as well.
Tip: You can use free software such as Adobe Spark for easy text overlaying on your Facebook ad image.

2. Value Proposition

Adding words like, free trial or a value proposition directly on the text of the image has proven to increase click-through rate.
3. Happy Images

Images of happy people looking into the camera is also a time and tested method of plying on the psychological emotions of the audience, and this is no different when putting together a Facebook ad.

The psychology:

The viewer (a woman for example) sees a girl holding a product and thinks to herself she looks happy maybe if I had one of them it would make me happy too.
The same physiological reaction can be said for men wanting to look cool, by having imagery to match this reaction, he will reason to himself, thinking, that man in the ad looks cool I want to look like him.
I know it sounds a little silly and a tad stereotypical, but marketers have been using this  very same method in visual communication for years!
4. Colour
While Instagram has proven that people are more likely to like photos that are leaning more towards the blue side of the colour spectrum, on Facebook we have found this not the case.
A simple reason for this could be eye fatigue, as the Facebooks branding is itself blue, the eye starts to skip over this colour regarding it as unimportant.
So if you are going to use blue, try and find a way to make it stand out and separating it from the background.

5. Use Charts in Your Images

Research suggests that the use of charts and tables in one form or another can also boost engagement, This is especially the case when promoting data-driven content.

The psychology:
The reason behind this is that people love reading new data and research and seeing a chart immediately triggers the thought of new data.
6. Testing
Testing is the key to mastering your Facebook ads and finding out what works for you.
So take some of these tips and start testing.

Spend a little money on a few ad ideas rather than making one add pumping a lot of money into it and finding out that it is not working for you.

No, it is better to test and find the right ad combination that works for you then start pumping money into a proven Facebook ad method that works.

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