How to become a photographer mentor and earn 10k a month


  • Photographers who have already mastered there neach
  • Photographers who already have a following
  • Photographers looking to earn a mager pasive incom with out disruption to there business
  • Photographers looking to get into mentoring
  • Photographers looking for a change or what to brunch out


So you’ve built up a great following on Instagram Maybe you’ve done some one-off mentoring sessions The question is how can you build on this audience to create a viable platform to make passive income How can you tap into this audience and turn them from admirers of your work into paid customers While keeping on top of your client work

Lesson One

What you need

Click the button give us a way to contact you and Schedule an appointment, we will sit down with you and talk about where you want your business to be and the type of customers you want.

Lesson Two

How to seal

We will plan out who your customers are and how we can talk to them in a way that makes them want to engage with you and start seeing how great your business really is

Lesson Three

How to grow

Once we have focused your brand story and have a clear brand message we then market your business to an audience looking for your services turning them to seals.

We have helped photographers like yourselves earn over 10k a month putting courses together from recording corses, creating the web platform, even generating and providing sales, and in this free course we show you what we have learned

We started taking bookings within 2 weeks of handing over our marketing campaign to table8media and this converted into over £5000 in revenue.

We highly recommend Table8media, the video they captured of our band has received tonnes of positive feedback. The team are always willing to provide advice and marketing tips too.


Table8media completely revamped my business' online presence. Since the brand makeover, we have been able to close a number of large deals with retailers.

Jonathan Ceremony Skincare

Table8media have been our trusted marketing consultants for a number of projects. As far as strategic online marketing goes, their knowledge and hands on expertise has helped get a number of projects off the ground.

Andre Voisin Evertices Ventures

We saw an increase in enquiries after we added the brand video and product photography that Table8media shot for us. We believe the new media assets have really helped to capture the interest of first-time visitors to our website.