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How to create content specific to your audience.

How hotels can create content specific to their audience


creating content that is specific to your audience is the key tO generating engagement.

but what type of content should you be creating?

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So what type of content should you be creating?

Well this depends on your audience first you need to make sure you understand where your audience are and where they are in relation to buying your services.

So for an Hotel understanding the different types of people that are using your hotel and then creating content that really provide the value that you can put out on social media and you can subtly give them the information that it need to make a decision without trying to sell to them too hard.

So in your content showing them what the Nightlife is like in around your hotel what the food is like a your hotel or facilities you have at your hotel, producing this type of content and pushing it out on social media where I glance of a scroll that they can go through and they can get a nice snapshot.

Of what you offer as a hotel and what the key advantages are when they staying at your hotel compared to your competitors.

This is a great way to form your a basis of content that you’re going to be producing and once you’ve got that basis of content, you can then dive deeper into that and really Niche types of content that you can push out.

and this relates to any other type of business.

Trying to fill in the gaps between your audience and your services, by showing them that they have a need for your services and creating a desire around your products and services, this is what you want to be doing with your content.

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