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A lot of the business owners we speak to are surprised when we mention that Facebook advertising can be a great option to reach more of their prospective target audience, drive traffic and make sales online.

For many, the most popular social network in the world is viewed as no more than on online platform to keep tabs on friends and family, where posts of ‘consciousness’, ‘wellness’ and narcissism can often overwhelm one’s timeline!

But in all seriousness, Facebook next to Google Adwords is the most effective Paid Advertising channel there is online. We present a few reasons why this is the case.


1. Facebook is huge

With over 1.23 billion daily active users you have a great chance of getting your brand in front of many more potential customers.

According to Emarketer at least 32 million people in the UK log into Facebook at least once a month.

So the point being made here is that Facebook is used and interacted with a lot of people, many of whom are likely to be your ideal target audience.  It makes sense to try and build awareness of your brand via Facebook.


2. Facebook is cheap (or comparatively so)

Compared to other platforms (most notably Google Adwords), you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to drive traffic to your website. According to Wordstream here are the average costs per click for each platform.


Google Adwords (PPC)       £1.80

Google Adsense                  £0.80

Facebook –                      £1.30              

Twitter-                                £1.50

Many business owners like to advertise on Google Adwords because of the intent someone shows when searching for key terms. However, depending on the industry some search terms can prove to be very costly.

This isn’t the case with Facebook advertising.

3. Amazing targeting options

If you have a very clear idea of who your target market is, then Facebook is a great platform to use to target your ads.  This is because over time every user sends signals relating to preferences and consumption habits.  This could be based on status updates, pages liked or via recent purchases or websites interacted with.  Facebook contains a lot of data!

For example, if you run a local restaurant you can broadly target adults between 25-45 within a set radius of your business you can target.

Or if you are looking to target professionals to fill booking spaces for a hotel or serviced apartments business then your targeting could look like this:

4. Remarketing, (also called retargeting) is powerful


Remarketing is a type of technology that shows ads for your business to people after they have visited your website, used your mobile app, interacted with your social media pages or given you their email address.

People will see these remarketing ads when they visit or shop on other websites, use social media, watch videos, use other mobile apps, or search on Google.


Remarketing is especially powerful because it is far more likely to drive conversions.  This is because you are essentially showing your ads in front of a warm audience, prospects who have already interacted with your online brand and are likely to have some idea of what products and services you offer.

5. Track performance and ROI

Facebook Ads Manager, allows you to track a performance metrics which will help you gauge ad campaign performance and measure ROI metrics like:

  1. total number of times your ad was shown (Impressions)
  2. the number of different people who saw your ad (Reach)
  3. the average number of times each person saw your ad (Frequency)
  4. number of clicks or other actions people took, such as page likes, comments and shares (engagement)
  5. average cost per click (CPC)
  6. cost per engagement
  7. cost per conversion

Make sure you spend some time analysing your advertising performance and try out different ads and targeting to see what works best and gives you the biggest returns.

6. Gain the edge over the competition

As powerful as Facebook’s advertising platform is, it’s surprising how many business owners are not taking advantage of it.

What this means is that if your competitors aren’t advertising or using Facebook well but you can, you gain a fantastic advantage and an opportunity to win business you might have otherwise lost out on.

By raising the profile of your business and getting in front of your target audience you can get new leads and customers who will become loyal to your brand.

Gareth Greenidge

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